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The Theme: SPRING


7 April 2007

This is just a convenient place to collect together photos and recipes from the chocolate tastings. Of course it should also add to the glory of the winners and other participants, too! 

  •  This year we had about 10 more entries than last time, and many more savory dishes: nearly a third of the entries were dishes that were not desserts. 
  •  Special thanks to Russ for all the photography this year!

We now have a chocolate song written and performed by one of our participants!  Don't miss it. 

And, even photos and recipes from previous events (well, at least two)

A Chocolate Party!!!

by Deborah and Mike P.

Since the last one has passed enough time
We're sending this notice in rhyme
To tell of festivities
Of chocolate proclivities
This one celebrating Spring time

If chocolate's your favorite treat
And there's nothing that you'd rather eat
Come indulge in your vice
At the house of P. Price
Sample goodies, savory or sweet

Bring a chocolate dessert if you wish
Or a cocoa main course or side dish
Non-desserts we encourage
Or some kind of beverage
There is nothing that's too outlandish

Our theme of the day will be Spring
To inspire you on what to bring
Flowers bloom, the rains end
Baseballs fly, days extend
Butterflies return and birds sing

We hope that this time of renewal
Your imagination will fuel
If it doesn't help a lot
Just bring something chocolate
The contest is real casual
It's time again for the SOMETIMES ANNUAL CHOCOLATE PARTY.  Make (or buy) your favorite chocolate dish and come taste lots of interesting and unusual Spring-inspired chocolate creations.  Lavender Truffles, Cacao Lily Ice Cream, or Cheesecake with Chocolate Daylight Shavings are some possibilities.  But, don't assume that your dish has to be a dessert.  We'd love to have non-desserts such as Chicken Mole or your avant-garde Chocolate-covered Spring Lamb.


The Theme: SPRING

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